About Ashfaque Nabi

My Jouney

With the ledership and guidance of My Icon & Guide Mr. Haroon Yusuf Sir formar Cabinete Minister of Govt. of Delhi & Sr. Face & Leader Of INC i tarted my career. As I Am involved in Political & Social Actions of Delhi Congress, & Up lifted Myself from grass root to Front bench of my Political organisation. i.e. Indian National Congress. Some Brief Stages Are as Below

Since school days I started participating in NSUI activities from attending public meetings to protesting and working for Students Rights, putting Delhi NSUI programs at top priorities. After completing school from the first year of college I started involvement in  student politics of my college, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, Chanakya Puri, delhi. There my group fought election and won in the very first year, then again my college political panel got seat in college student’s union body after we fought with full zeal & enthusiasm,then in my final year our panel candidate won the seat of president in student’s union body & I got selected as head of our college students Union body.


This was the starting of the most awesome political journey.

Right after passing out of college I got involved with youth congress.  I worked again tirelessly by looking after arrangements of party public meetings and organizing youth meet ups and tender youth connectivity with party leaders. During youth congress days got chance to accompany and stay with respected Rahul Gandhi ji on his political foot march from Delhi to U.P., during this that time I learned a lot, from meeting peoole from different backgrounds and cultures to understand about  their life, their culture. public Meeting & explaining them parties ideology and how party leaders are raising their voice for the them and assuring them parties concern for them and our country.


            In youth congress took responsibility from district level to state level.

After this long journey with the party of more than 17 years, I got involved with the parties Social Media Department and the new chapter in the journey of politics started. After fighting on ground for the party it was time to start raising voice for the people on digital platform.

            I feel more aware and responsible to deal the people of our state and to make aware the ideology of our parties amongst the public on any/every platform.

 Lets Join Our Political Force To Change & Empower Our State – DELHI

Feedback & Testimonials

These are some Testimonials what my leaders says & What My colleague Says. 

Enthuthustic & visionary Leader of Delhi. Young & Dynamic Youth leader with proffesional experinces.

Mr. Haroon Yusuf Sir

Formar Cabinet Minister Govt. Of Delhi.

Qualified, Decent, Ground to Earth Youth Leader Of Congress.

Mohib Ur Rehman

Political Analyst, Mumbai 

It is without a doubt I would not have enjoyed nor had anywhere near as a successful four terms in office without Ashfaque’s support, compassion, talent and instincts.”

Sahil Kumar

Social Activist – Delhi